The Garden Tomb Jerusalem

A visit to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

The Garden Tomb is one of two sites in Jerusalem traditionally believed to be the site where the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus Christ) took place.  The garden is located just two minutes walk from the Damascus Gate and is found overlooking a local bus station.

The Garden

The garden itself is not very large but the peace visitors feel when visiting the site really needs to be experienced to be believed.  Outside of the Garden walls you find the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem every day life, yet within the garden itself visitors find peace and tranquillity.

Skull Hill (Golgotha)

Skull hill is quite an impressive site to behold and really brings to life the Gospel stories.  In the last two years, due to stormy weather in Jerusalem, part of the nose of the skull has been slightly damaged but the skull like form is still quite apparent when viewing the escarpment from the viewing platforms.

The Garden Tomb

“He is not here for He is risen” reads the sign on the door into the tomb.  Visitors can enter into the small tomb and view the area where the body of Jesus would have been placed.  Again, this site really brings to life the stories read about in the Gospel accounts and is a “must see” location for Christians.


Before we made our visit to the Garden Tomb I took some time reading the Bible accounts of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, and then made a list of points that are found written in the text to see if they would match up with the location.  Things like: it happened in a garden – what evidence is there of a garden?  The tomb was newly cut and had been altered to suit a different person from the one it was built for – any evidence of this? An earthquake was mentioned – any evidence?  …

In total, I managed to find 20+ points and unbelievably the Garden Tomb site managed to hit a 100% match on every point I had made.  I am not an archaeologist or a religious scholar but if this amount of circumstantial evidence (or coincidence) was put before a court room in the UK, where I am from, the case would be a done deal.


A visit to the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem should be a stop on any Christian or Messianic Itinerary while visiting Israel / The Holy Land.  I was visiting the Holy Land from the UK in 2016 on an organised tour by my church.  I do hope to return in the next few years.

I would also like to give a recommendation and a special thank you to the guys who guided us around Israel.  Yaron and the guys at Elbow Holy Land Tours were excellent.  Below are details of there website.

For Holy Land Tours from the UK in 2017 contact Elbow Holy Land Tours.

Judith Davidson – Manchester, UK